I want a customized tote bag, do I have to send you a New Yorker tote bag? 

No, you can send me any canvas tote bag you want and I will paint your name and portrait on it. It just won't look as cool. 

Why do I have to send you a bag? Can't you just send me a brand new painted bag?

Some tote bags are difficult to to acquire, and I don't have the space to keep a lot of tote bags. Besides, your bag could use a little refresh.

Are you associated with The New Yorker magazine?

Yes, I am a cartoonist that has had several cartoons in The New Yorker. This custom service, however, is not an official product of Conde Nast.

Who designed the tote bag?

It was designed by former New Yorker magazine art director Deanna Donnegan. I love the story she tells about designing it and how it took on a life of its own.

Will the painted tote bag be machine-washable?

No, I paint with acrylic paint and Posca Paint markers, which are not machine-safe. Generally, I would not recommend machine washing any canvas tote bag, as it could possibly damage the printed design on them. Wash by hand and scrub lightly with a brush.

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